Fillies Spring Into Durbanville Tuesday

Welcome ladies and Gents

We in for another cape splendour today.

The springtime birds are around and the weather seems breathtakingly beautiful.

I often regard racing as the elegant gentlemen's sport but have noticed that the fairer fillies are getting more involved in the sport and have become thoroughbred punters.

Gone are days of them choosing the lucky horse and calling one over you, now I have noticed some ladies collecting strategic data on the horses to make informative decisions when they place their bets. Well, things have certainly changed...

Well before I get too carried away today lets get into the Durbanville racing card and find us some delectable winners for today

Straight into Race 3, this will certainly be a toss-up between Tintagel with the jocky G.Cheyne and Shadowing with M.Byleveld both these horses have the right pedigree to win.

Race 4 we have 5-way affair on course with Bellingham, Jephthah, Rock of Asia, Its Is What It Is and Prince Alfred all vying for the grand prize.

Race 6 my selected horses are Majic Mary, Rubyana as well as Talitha Bolearis ,  any of these horses should not be left out of any of your bets

Race 7 picks are Suite Francaise which is my best bet for the day

Race 8 finds the stunning Lucille who looks like a value bet on a competitive field

All in all, have a great punters day and make some money peeps.....


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