A Fairview into the Magic of Greyville Part Two

I know what you all have been thinking ... it’s been a while since I have written my last article and horse racing which I have stated far too often has its roots deep inside the history of my family should supposedly come second nature to me. Well like most bloggers sometimes you have to look around and learn and rediscover the passion within.

The Booms of the festival of lights may have past but I hope to make your weekend allot more explosive.

Watching the Melbourne Cup earlier this week was such a joy Counter Cross ran beautifully to win this magnificent cup...Australian horse racing has really been at the forefront during this past couple of weeks.

Back Home here in South Africa we just a few weeks away from the biggest race of the summer...
Besides the gilts and glamour of the fashion icons and the live concerts, there is always something for everyone.

This year’s race card for the Summer Card looks intriguing nevertheless I shall stick to my beliefs and state my favorites right now are IT’S MY TURN the current Gold Cup Winner and the incomparable Cascapedia. Both these horses currently are on great value upon the Antepost.
We head into another captivating weekend so let’s find some winners today at Fairview and Greyville.

Tips for Fairview Friday...

Race 1: 13/1/6/8/3
Coal (6) looks in a really good form in recent times and should be there at the finish line.
Watch out for Lloyd George (8) this horse make his debut and could find his way to the finish line.

Race 2: 15/7/8/13/3
Bushiri (15) is a huge runner and should be respected.
Watch out for Malinda (7) this horse has the potential to run into the money.

Race 3: 1/2/4/5/3
Afrikaburn (1) returns to action after a break and will look to regain some past form
Watch out for Stormy Eclipse (2) this stallion is a massive distance runner.

Race 4: 8/6/2/7/3
Three Times a Lady (2) is holding decent form and will be on her search for her second win here.
Watch out for Ashdown (8) this horse can never be left out especially with Musi Yeni on board

Race 5: 4/2/7/1/5
Klever Kathy (2) won well last time out and will look to do the same
Watch out for March Music (4) this horse has huge potential

Race 6: 5/7/6/1/8
Sacred Oration (5) is improving and will look to the finish line today.
Watch out for Amazon King (6) has a huge chance here today.

Race 7: 5/2/1/10/4
Country Rock (1) this horse will be hoping today he can conquer the turf
Watch out for Fort Winter (2) if this horse will hope that he regains some of his old forms.

Race 8:  6/4/5/12/13
TSESSEBE (4) returns from a break and makes her local debut and can win if showing her best form.
Watch out for Horse Haizi (6) has been outstanding on the Polytrack recently.

Hot Tips for Greyville Nite Racing

Race 1:  3/8/7/9/6
Negma (7) has some decent cape form and will look to have a good run here today.
Watch out for Florence (9) this horse has shown some good pace of late.

Race 2:  3/4/2/5/1
Ronnie Rocket (4) is drawn well and won last time out.
Watch out for Whorly Whorly (2) she also won last time out and will look to do the same today.

Race 3:  2/1/11/7/9
Stealth Admiral (1) showed real authority and is quite promising.
Watch out for RumbleInTheJungle(2) a stable companion of Stealth Admiral and a huge runner

Race 4:  2/6/3/7/1
Miss Smarty Pants (3) had raced previously here and was no means disgraced.
Watch out for French Legend (2) her form has well improved.

Race 5:  7/8/6/4/1
Little Audrey (6) will try to better her second from her last time around.
Watch out for Summer Day (8) this horse has been drawn well.

Race 6:  4/5/1/2/6
Spume (6) has improved and will look to show up tonight.
Watch out for SubTropical (2) he will have a true test today.

Race 7: 8/2/5/7/9
Argenteus (2) returns to her best track today and will look for a good win.
Watch out for Kilmokea (8) should be there about in the finishing today

Race 8: 7/3/1/4/11 
Dunzie (1) – After running three times second this horse will look to win tonight.
Watch out for Missibaba(7) past winner and massive runner

Have an Awesome Friday Guys... Remember there are no bad colors for a good horse….
Don’t forget to comment below all……


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