South African Racing Tips : Fairview 2019-02-25

Not one of my most fancied days...Its, of course, Monday and we once return to Fairview today for some invigorating horse racing.

My Fairview Selections Today.

Race 1. (12) Sun Up; (2) Gallagher;

Race 2.  (2) Peking Tyson; (3) MindMyMood;

Race 3. (5)Tippu Tib; (1) Shepard’s Sky;

Race 4.  (6) Flash Fire; (2) My Miracle;

Race 5. (4) Aranjuez; (6) Strong N Brave;

Race 6.  (7) Founding Father; (3) Fantasy Art;

Race 7.  (6) Lets Play Ball; (3) Run For Gold;

Race 8.  (7) Aloysius; (2) Barbarella Night;

Best Bet today

Race 3.  (1) Shepard’s Sky;

Value Bet

Race 7.  (3) Run for Gold;

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