The Severe Impact of No Horse Racing ….

I may not be a journalist of any sort…just an avid blogger but I do feel this post is adapt right now as the sport of kings in South Africa is in severe jeopardy.

If you happen to pick up a copy of the Mercury newspaper this morning you will be confronted with the headline of “SA HORSERACING UNDER THREAT”.

It seems spot on after the NCC rejected the NHA application to have racing conducted behind closed doors. It’s entirely been gloom n doom ever since…

Of course as a repercussion of this hundreds of horses will now face euthanasia as well as thousands of job losses….the last thing our fragile economy needs now.

The debate resumes whether the NCC can separate the sport of Kings from being classified under the casino and gambling lockdown regulations category.
Phumelela has already reported significant financial loses and may be faced with some drastic decisions soon.

The entire industry has seen owners, trainers as well as groomsmen badly affected. There should be massive support from punters and other role-players to get this industry back and running quickly once it resumes.

With my hopes of attending another glamourous July event drifting further away this year, I simply hope the government hears our plea  and orders Horse Racing in SA to resume really soon.

Have a lovely day guys and hope you all are safe wherever you are … A bit of good news with Borrowdale tomorrow maybe we can knock down some decent priced winners there... Stay tuned … Gelding OUT!


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