Hot Thursday Selections Today

Goodmorning all

Not the worst of days yesterday lets see if we can better it today.

Vaal: (SA)

R1 Petersham/Kratos Power
R2 Sunburst/Arran
R3 Caerphilly/Arabella Queen
R4 Daphne Du Maurier/Double Hearts
R5 Mzari/Lord Melbourne
R6 Christopher Robin/Our Man In Havana
R7 Elusive Force/Piccadilly Square
R8 Louvain/Waqaas
R9 Theravada/Midnight Top
Catterick (Uk)
R1 Stay Smart
R2 Its Not My Fault
R3 Prissy Missy
R4 Our Dave
R5 Christmas Nights
R6 Kitty's Cove
R7 Sly Minx
R8 Sea Sister
R9 Boulevard Beauty

R1 Awsaaf
R2 Julie Johnston
R3 The Greyvtrain
R4 Real Estate
R5 Motamayiz
R6 Arabian Moon
R7 Global Agreement
R8 Competition

R1 Savalas
R2 Sir Rodneyredblood
R3 Dark Lion
R4 Sea Willow
R5 Cape Greco
R6 Laurentia
R7 Mr Kodi
R8 False Id
R9 Labeebb

~~~~~Good Luck~~~~~


  1. Àny tip for tomorrow
    Bendigo R1to R9
    Muswellbrook R1to R8