Morning Punters 

The SUNMET is finally upon us . The biggest race in Cape Town will have the finest in the land compete for the grand prize😎💥

Few Stand Outs today...

Race 6 : Legitimate (BB)

Race 9 : Belgorian (BB)


Race Track: Turf. Summer course 2800m in circumference with 600m run-in. Winter course 2700m with 450m run-in. Races up to 1200m testing straight course (1200m races are occasionally run round the turn, starting on the Summer course and ending on the Winter course); beyond 1200m anti-clockwise round turn.

Best Draws: Low-numbers draws slightly preferred all races. Wet going can impact on draw in races down the straight.

Pen – 22
Going – Good
False Rail – Summer Course: Original Position, 3m spur at 600m mark

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Heres some decent Selections to add to your betting to use in your exactas, swingers, and exotic plays.. Have a winning day!

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Kenilworth Sun Met Day 

BB : Best Bet

Race 1

Danilo Danilovitch (BB)
Seeking Peace
Impressive Queen

Race 2

Starboard (BB)
Daughter of Zeus
Imperial ballet

Race 3

Brandy N Coke (BB)
Superior Leader

Race 4

Captain of Stealth (BB)
Snow Report
Hudoo Magic

Race 5

African Rain(BB)
Kwinta's Light 

Race 6

Legitimate (BB)
Northern Song

Race 7

Celtic Sea (BB)
Run Fox Run
Ultra Magnus

Race 8

Captains Ransom  (BB)                                      
Clouds Unfold
Indi Anna

Race 9

Belgorian (BB)
Rainbow Bridge
Running Brave

Race 10

Silver Host  (BB)                                      
Crome Yellow

Race 11

Viridian Light (BB)
Chilly Winter
Social Butterfly

Race 12

Tarantino (BB)                                      
Real Gone Kid
Naval Secret



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